About Me


I’m a Seattle-based designer with seven years of experience solving interesting user experience problems. I’ve worked in high tech, telecommunications, travel, healthcare, and financial services so far and I’m never afraid to explore new challenges. I’m a bit different from other designers because I’m actually a trained developer with a background in Computer Science, a trait that has often worked to my advantage as I can help to translate design requirements into technical requirements.

My focus is interaction design and visual design, but I’ve done a bit of everything, including user research, persona development, testing, and even some game design. I’m usually working on a side project of some kind to keep my development skills current.

Past Clients

AT&T, Expedia, Microsoft, Nokia, National Rail Enquiries, Amedisys, Allianz, Aequitas, CARS

My Passion

I’m fascinated by the intersection of user experience and game design. Modern games demand fluid interaction to keep the user immersed in the experience and facilitate a focus on the game itself rather than the UI. Like traditional software, games usually have many types of players, all with slightly different needs and ways of interacting with the experience. This is an area that I want to focus on as I develop my career and my skills.